Engineer Training : Objectives

Supélec aims at training engineers with high scientific and technical levels, ready to take on diversified responsibilities in the enterprise.

This training consists of three main lines: knowledge of the enterprise, a vast scientific and technical culture, and thorough knowledge and know-how in one of the School’s fields of expertise.

The key word in the composition of a Supélec degree course is 'balance': between scientific and technical training programs, between vast general knowledge and competency in a speciality, between the exercise of capacities of abstraction and the development of a taste for the concrete.

The place given to human and social education, knowledge of the enterprise, to communication and the mastery of foreign languages, not forgetting the importance given to the sciences and techniques, show this desire: at Supélec, this makes up more than a third of the instruction programmed on the timetable.

Through projects, inductive educational methods cultivate a sense of reality, a taste for the concrete and for innovation. The capacities of analysis, conception, and realisation are methodically developed in order to acquire the mastery of complex systems.

Finally, creativity, the entrepreneurial spirit, a sense of responsibility, the aptitude to communicate and openness to other international cultures are strongly stimulated.

Last update : 26/05/2009