Master's Degree : Objectives

Although Supélec’s primary vocation is to train engineers for direct insertion in the enterprise, its role is also to favor training through and for research, in order to allow accession to certain professions for which the Doctoral Thesis constitutes an additional asset (for example, R&D in international cooperation) or even a necessity (public research).

By allowing students who so wish to simultaneously prepare the National Master’s Research Degree and the Engineering Degree, Supélec’s objective is to lead a significant number of its students towards the preparation of a Doctor’s Degree.

The capacity to offer training through research, integrated in the School’s degree course and recompensed by the awarding of Supélec’s National Master’s Research Degree, is an important asset for arousing interest in research and innovation among a greater number of students. It also guarantees that its engineers will have acquired the knowledge and methods for tackling questions at a high scientific level and that they will be able to deal with issues of socio-economic importance. This two-fold objective will allow holders of this degree to specialize either in industrial research or public research, according to their aspirations. They will be capable of becoming scientists interested in innovation, as well as engineers interested by the problems of scientific and open technological research.

Last update : 26/05/2009