Post-Graduate Training : Specialization

Supélec awards Specialization Diplomas in its main fields of competency:

  • Specialization in Automatic
  • Specialization in Energy

  • Specialization in Computer Science

  • Specialization in Communications

  • Specialization in Electronics & Signal Processing

The student’s degree course is the same as that of a student in his third year in one of the School’s majors or options: six-month period comprised of courses, work in engineering and design departments, experimental activities and projects, followed at the end of studies by work and training in an enterprise. The diploma awarded mentions the name of the Speciality.

To access the programs of majors or option of the third year of the engineering course (or specialization year), just click : /222_p_10912/programs-of-the-engineer-degree-course.html


Last update : 30/05/2012