Foreign Languages

The study of two foreign languages is compulsory for the first and second years.

The awarding of the Supélec Engineering Diploma requires operational competency in English required to meet the demands of standard social and professional situations with sufficient structural and lexical precision (level 2.5 minimum).

Generally, the teaching of languages at Supélec aims at insuring the mastery of oral and written communication, and is achieved using active methods within the framework of homogeneous groups, using abundant audio-visual equipment. The educational principles put into action here include free access to multimedia laboratories and the loan of books in foreign languages and videocassettes in their original version.

The courses, adapted to the beginning level of the students, are given in various forms: basic and application modules, written and oral expression, and thematic modules.

Fore more information, see web page of Departement of Foreign Languages & Culture.

Last update : 20/05/2011