Training Periods

French students may complete one or several training periods in a foreign country, an enterprise, or in a university laboratory, whether it be summer training at the end of the first or second year, training work at the end of the last year, or a long training period (one year) between the second and third years.

The students carry out three training periods during their studies :

  • The practical training period, of a duration of at least one month, takes place between the first and second years. Its main objective is to give students their first work experience in an enterprise.

  • The student-engineer training period, lasting at least two months, takes place between the second and third years. Open to all socio-economic sectors, often of a technical nature, this training permits students to confront their already acquired competencies with real industrial needs, and to develop, on the other hand, their capacities for interpersonal relationships.

  • Students may also complete a year-long training periodThey have the opportunity, if they wish, to intern throughout a year between the second and third years (compulsory acquisition of international experience...) or can also perform one stop school for a job to get more industrial experience.

  • The end of studies training period, of a duration of five months since the beginning of April, is integrated into the third year degree course. During this training program, students perform the work of an engineer and the results are taken into account for the awarding of the diploma.
Last update : 22/03/2012