Organization of the Master’s Degree Course

The proposed Master’s Research Degree training lasts two years, (respectively called M1 and M2) after three or four years of post-baccalaureate training. This training lies within the scope of the European post secondary framework, and respects the "Bachelor's Degree-Master’s Degree-Doctor’s Degree" (BMD) structure common to European countries. This training leads to the delivery of the DNM "Diplôme National de Master Recherche" (National Master’s Research Degree).

The first year (M1) of training aims at giving students solid scientific and technical knowledge in the field of information, energy and systems sciences. Its objective is to give them in-depth knowledge that will allow them to successfully begin study of the different Supelec’s Master’s Research Degree in Sciences and Technologies offered in the second year (M2)

"Information, Energy and Systems" mention: consists of 15 specialties in collaboration with a Partner University, and 1 speciality "Advanced Wireless Communications Systems" which is Supélec’s own one. The objective is that each student studying one of third year Major may have the possibility to apply for a Master’s Degree in a Specialty corresponding with his Major.

"Nuclear Energy" mention: consists of 5 specialties in collaboration with a Partner University.

Last update : 23/03/2012