Organization of the second year (M2)

Each M2 is backed up by a third year Option, but differs considerably as to the degree course.

The M2 consists of a minimum of 160 hours of work, generally corresponding to eight Teaching Components (TC) of 20 to 30 hours of courses and five ECTS credits each, and of an introduction to methodology and research corresponding to a part time schedule of 300 hours. All of the above is carried out from October to March. This is followed by a full time research-training period in a university or industrial laboratory from April to August (generally corresponding to 20 ECTS credits).

As a general rule, student-engineers must choose, under the shared responsibility of the Supélec supervisor and the university Specialty supervisor, four TC offered by the Partner University and four TC offered by Supélec and selected among the third year Option modules. In exchange, the student-engineer is exempted from certain third year Option courses in order to avoid an unreasonable work overload. For the Specialty itself, the plan is identical excepting the fact that all TC will be offered by Supélec.

Introduction to research consists of the normal phases dealing with scientific subjects: bibliography, documentation, theoretical approach, validation, creation of a document. As a complement to obligatory oral defenses and written reports, a scientific publication or communication is also one of the objectives.

Last update : 26/05/2009