Job Opportunities

Mastering the different scientific, technical, economical and organizational aspects, and thus a systemic approach to firms, Supélec engineers move on towards the whole of the industrial and service industries economic sectors.

An annual survey of Supélec engineers’ first jobs could be download here (sorry, no english version avalaible).

The association "Les Supélec" proposes a number of services to student-engineers and former students. An employment-career-social service gives advice and help for first jobs and for career evolutions. Professional groups allow Supélec engineers to meet together and exchange their experiences: aeronautics/space industry, automobile, banking/finance, computer science advice and services, control/command, energy, new enterprises, international affairs, navy/merchant marine, telecommunications, public transport. Approximately twelve thousand Supélec engineers out of the twenty four thousand trained since the School’s creation are currently employed.

Last update : 01/10/2014