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Organization of the academic year

The program corresponds to the second year of a two-year European master degree curriculum. The academic year is divided in two semesters :

  • The first semester (referred to as S3) has two periods: first, a one-month intensive period of mathematical (refresher) courses, followed by a second four-month period dedicated to advanced courses (modules) in communication theory and network theory.
  • The second semester (referred to as S4) also has two periods: first, a two-month period of research-oriented lectures (research seminars) in parallel with the realization of an individual research project, followed by a four-month introductory research internship.

The series of mathematical (refresher) courses intend to provide students with a sound knowledge of mathematical concepts and theoretical tools. Advanced courses in semester S3 prepare the students to understand the research-oriented lectures in semester S4. These research-oriented lectures (also referred to as research seminars) address the most recent concepts and trends in wireless communications. They discuss important notions, advanced mathematical tools and sophisticated algorithmic methods. Each meeting may for example assume the form of a reading group, presenting and discussing a landmark paper (or group of key papers) centered on a particular topic. More generally, they bring some flexibility in the syllabus by enabling a prompt evolution of the proposed modules so as to cover emerging research topics or the organization of non-scheduled courses by visiting professors and invited speakers.

First semester (S3)Second semester (S4)
Mathematical (refresher) coursesResearch seminars
Advanced courses in communication theoryResearch project
Advanced courses in network theoryInternship

In compliance with European standards, the two semesters are equal in terms of ECTS credits (30 ECTS credits for each) and the academic year represents 60 ECTS credits.

Contents of the academic yearVolumeECTS
Mathematical (refresher) courses48H4
Advances courses in communication theory132H16
Advanced courses in network theory78H10
Research seminars72H5
Research project96H5

Students have to attend all the modules in semester S3 without customized path. Educational registration is thus automatic in those modules. During semester S4, students must attend at least ten seminars chosen from all of the proposed seminars. All choices or combinations are not allowed since some seminars call for others as prerequisites. The educational registration to research seminars is semi-annually. The research seminars are also open to the Ph.D. students of all the institutions in the PRES UniverSud Paris. If fewer than eight students (including Ph.D. students) register for a seminar, it will be cancelled and the students registered for the seminar can register for other seminars.

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Last update : 16/09/2011