Research Domain "Computer Science and Networks"

The research in computer science at Supélec involves 36 academic staff, 29 PhD and postdocs. The activity of the three teams covers a subset of the discipline. Modeling of systems is central to all our concerns and comes in the following thematic fields: heterogeneous modeling, intrusion detection and networks security, adaptive information systems, situated systems, computing grids and system performance.

The teams are committed to scientific production and contractual activity, particularly in technology and knowledge transfer to the industrial environment. This activity generates contractual applications in various fields, including embedded software and systems, ambient intelligence, network quality of service, recommendation systems... At the regional level, the teams take part in RTRA DIGITEO, and several competitive clusters (System@tic, Cap Digital...) nationally the teams are involved in several ANR projects and several international European contracts.

The scientific influence, both national and international, is evidenced by the number of visiting professors and scientific collaborations resulting in co-published works. The members are involved in international conferences program committees; they are invited to seminars and are active within the French GDR ISIS, I3, Robotic and STIC Health. They are also involved in the international ISO organization.

Involved teams

Last update : 17/03/2014