The T.I.M.E. European Summer School at Supélec

Every year, during the first two weeks of July, Supélec hosts an intensive two-week programme in Sustainability – Social Models and Religions.

This programme, operated jointly with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (Sweden), the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary), the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain), the University of Trento (Italy) and the Istanbul Technical University (Turkey) is taught in parallel on six campuses, linked by internet and video. Students come from all over the world.

TESS, which has been supported by Erasmus and the French Ministry of Education, as well as labelled as an event of the French Presidency of the European Union, gives Master’s students the chance to learn about sustainable development and the social issues currently emerging in our societies.

All teaching is in English and the courses are taught by academics from the four organising institutions, plus guest faculty. 5 ECTS credits are awarded to successful participants.

Students on past programmes have praised the Supélec experience: a great reception”, and kept good memories of  their TESS experience: “Studying at the Supélec campus… has been challenging and extremely rewarding

TESS is sponsored by the T.I.M.E. Association, a network of leading engineering schools in Europe and worldwide, and is open to graduate students in engineering and related fields. Successful TESS students are awarded a T.I.M.E. European Certificate.

For further information and details of the next TESS session, you may contact International Affairs at Supélec (international@supelec.fr).



      What Summer School

            students say...

“When I set off to the road for TIME Programme, I knew that new adventure was about to begin for me. Despite of knowing to go a foreign country and will have to find my way alone was making me a little nervous, it became an exciting experience.  My idea did not change even I found Supélec and the people I will take the lessons tog ether. Anne and Claude met us sincerely at beginning of the course and they did not leave us alone during the programme, showed us their big hospitality. Besides, including the programme, the lessons we took there and the presentations we made helped me to improve myself abouts peaking language and studying in academic level. We took knowledge of the world’s economic and sociological position in the future and how to keep it alive for new generations  as future conscious individuals. Lastly, magic city 'Paris' was amazing. Thanks to this programme we found chance to discover 'The city of light' and warm friendship."

Ms. Cansu Bol-IstanbulTechnical University (Turkey)

T.E.S.S. 2012

Studying with T.I.M.E. was a great opportunity to get academic knowledge about a wide and important industrial concept, Economics and Sustainability in an interactive school environment at Supélec, while experiencing an extraordinary culture with new international friends and outstanding networking potentials.

Mr. Kourosh Salehzadeh -Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)

T.E.S.S. 2012

During my two weeks at Supelec, I have learnt important issues on sustainability and also enjoyed my time in Paris. As being future engineers, we need to know more about world's problems, in order to achieve environmental, economic and social sustainability. TESS had given me a different line of sight to understand human impacts on climate change. In Supelec, I had many friends and had much fun while exploring the campus and the city. I thank Anne and Claude for their hospitality and Carambars of course !! J

Ms. Meltem Senel - IstanbulTechnical University (Turkey)

T.E.S.S. 2012

We came to Supélec about three days before course start and were greeted and helped by some students and Frank. After settling in, we had the possibility of going downtown and experiencing Paris. It was great! One of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. Perfect for sightseeing! And crepes were delicious!

When I saw the course schedule I was a little baffled over the layout. Since I am somewhat of a veteran within Swedish schools, I was not made for a course layout based on 7 hour lectures. I am more used to a layout with 2 hour lectures and a 15 minute break for each hour, where one can enjoy a swedish"fikapaus".

After a few days had passed, I started to adapt to the layout of the course and it made the course a bit easier. Presentations at the end of every day were actually great fun, since I love to hear my voice and to force my voice onto others! I have mixed opinions about the assignments: some of them were actually funny to write and well specified, while some lacked good specifications.

The students I met during Supélec were really nice and it was fun to hangout with them. In retrospect, this course lead to a lot of great things; meeting new people, getting to see Paris and giving me a new perspective on how to observe sustainability issues.

I recommend this course for those who are interested in the subject and I would tell them to go to Supélec.

I am so glad that I didn't choose any other campus for this course. Paris was great and you and Mr. Lhermitte were so kind to us. Your kindness will not be forgotten!

Mr. & Mrs. Ali Miranand and Sivan Bapir - Royal Institute ofTechnology (Sweden)
T.E.S.S. 2012

TESS Programme gave me an opportunity to gain great deal of knowledge about sustainability and meet amazing people from different countries.

The best thing about the summer school is having this globally significant issue in an international concept.

During the summer school, we had lots of presentations and case studies dealing with our countries which made TESS programme more valuable and useful. I definitely recommend TESS Programme in SUPELEC and I would like to say special thanks to SUPELEC staff, especially to Anne and Claude who put in the extra effort to make our days in Paris more enjoyable.

Ms. Havvana Tuba Yavuz - Istanbul Technical University (Turkey)

T.E.S.S. 2012

“It was a fabulous experience by all means, I would have never been aware of the fact that how much is it important to have our environment sustainable if I would not have taken this course, this opportunity not only gave me a chance to study at Supelec but I made very good friends over here, and enjoy the city of Lights! “ 

Mr. Moshin Rasheed - Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)

T.E.S.S. 2011

The topic of the course was really interesting and the classes tought me to be more aware and protective of our environment and to hold the criteria of sustainability in front of my eyes when I design a product (I am a product design engineer). The city, Paris was fantastic and inspiring in several ways.”

Ms. Ágnes Gárdonyi - Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary)

T.E.S.S. 2011

TESS in Supélec is a great experience for me. It has extended my vision to the sustainable development under the current global energy situation and opened my mind to the idea from different disciplines and different cultures. The professors and students that I learned during this event impressed me a lot and not to mention the wonderful city of Paris.”

Ms. Huang Xiaojuan - Univ. degli  Studi di Trento (Italy)

T.E.S.S. 2011

I have obtained a lot during summer school in SUPELEC. It is not only about academic knowledge but about enjoyment, excitement life style and huge pile of motivation.  Thank you for these feelings and for your hospitality.”

Mr. Dmitriy Buzmakov - Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia)

T.E.S.S. 2011

Those 2 weeks were wonderful in every respect. First of all, the programme was really useful and I learned many things about sustainability. We live in a world that has limited sources so, we need to use resources in an efficient way. That is the reason why this summer programme is valuable for me. Also, I feel lucky to meet such great friends from all over the world. Living in Paris even for 2 weeks was really enjoyable and exciting.  I want to thank everybody, especially to Anne and Claude who gave special interest to each of us, for their kind help and hospitality. I strongly recommend TESS programme to students who want to learn one of the most crucial topic for our global world while having a good time in Paris “The city of light” and Supelec.”

Ms. Tugce Coruhli - Istanbul Technical University (Turkey)

T.E.S.S. 2011

We spent two weeks at Supélec and these two weeks were a very nice experience for us. The courses were interesting, we learned about actual topics and we practiced useful things (e.g.; making presentations). At Supélec we got every help that we needed, we had comfortable accommodation, we got everything for developing ourselves. And the food was exciting as well! So according to my opinion this summer school was a very nice program and I recommend it to everybody!

Ms. Krisztina Arany-Tóth - Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary)

T.E.S.S. 2010

It was an ''original'' course that made me learn and have an idea about how sustainability and social models are related. Being a sustainable energy engineer, I broadened my technical understanding about energy systems; TESS offered the chance to learn more about the ''social sustainability'' rather than technical sustainability. On the other hand, I should reward credits to Prof Lhermitte and to Anne for supporting us during our stay at Supélec.

By the way, Paris is great, should everyone be there at least twice!

Mr. Chadi Beaini - Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)

T.E.S.S. 2010

During this 2 week program, I learned that the modern lifestyle has a big negative impact on our environment, but no matter what we do or what our professions are we can always do something to reduce this negative effect on the earth's climate.

The course students were also great to hang out with say nothing of the Supelec students who were truly the BEST students. I still have contact with almost all of them and I plan to keep this connection.

I would definitely recommend this program. Thanks a lot again for everything.”

Ms. Avin Ismail - Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)

T.E.S.S. 2009

I applied for the 2009 TESS program in France because five years ago I came to Paris and promised myself to come back as soon possible. It is good to be a student here, it has a special atmosphere. Also I wanted to better know students from different cultures. I learnt about the meaning of development all around the world and the solutions to make it sustainable. I would have liked to learn more about the religions, had we had the time.

Supélec is a great place. I am sure it is a great opportunity to study there. The teachers I met are people with great learning and speak English perfectly. The students were mainly from all over the world. I got to know great people. I hope I will come back someday.”

Ms. Nora Szabo - Budapest University if Technology and Economics (Hungary)

T.E.S.S. 2009

Thank you once again for the time we spent in Supélec. The 2 weeks went by in a flash, with each day better than the one before. For me it's become a magnificent experience - in every sense. Studying at Supélec campus has been challenging and extremely rewarding. I recommend it highly.”

Ms. Yulia Titova - Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia)

T.E.S.S. 2008

Sustainability is our future. Humanity needs to be sustainable for progress's sake, and young people from every single country are responsible for it: changing the way we live and making our global society sustainable. I attended TESS because I wanted to have my share. TESS not only showed itself a great program that gave me the opportunity to learn and reflect upon various fundamental concepts, it also broadened my horizons, as now I am in contact with people from 4different continents. Supélec, specifically, gave us a great welcome and did everything for us to enjoy the course. I thank TIME Association and Supélec staff for the two very enriching weeks I spent in TESS!

Mr. Pedro Henrique Gorayeb Vitoriano - Universidade de São Paolo (Brazil)

T.E.S.S. 2008


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