International Symposium on Non-Thermal/Thermal Plasma Pollution Control Technology & Sustainable Energy

ISNTP-8 Camaret


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Next symposium edition 2014 to be held in Dalian, China

General Information

The eighth International Symposium on Non-Thermal Plasma Technology (ISNTP-8) will be held in France, from the 25th to the 29th of June 2012. The chosen location for the symposium is Camaret, a seaport at the extreme west coast of French region of Brittany.
The ISNTP is currently a biannual conference which started in the UK in 1992. Editions were held in Brazil 1997, Korea 2001, USA 2004, France 2006, Taiwan 2008 and Canada 2010. 
Since the first edition, a wide range of environmental applications using non-thermal and thermal plasma technologies was covered: flue gas treatment, water treatment, solid and liquid waste treatments, and more recently fuel reforming and plasma assisted combustion. Emerging topics such as surface bio-decontamination and medical applications appeared in the 2004 edition in USA. Besides applications, fundamentals in discharge physics and plasma chemistry are also considered.
This symposium will be dedicated to the memory of Professor J. S. Chang, who passed away in February 2011. Professor J. S. Chang was a major scientist in the field of non-thermal plasma physics and applications. He was also a very active member of the ISNTP International Committee.
Contributions will be presented in oral, panel, round table and poster sessions. The official language of the symposium is English.



Fundamentals in Discharge Phenomena (modelling, measurement techniques and diagnostics)


Atmospheric Electrostatic - Electrostatics in Nature


Flue gas treatment (NOx/SO2/PMs/...)


VOC & Odor Control


Indoor Air Quality Control


Greenhouse Gas Abatement (CO2 /HC perfluorocarbons)


Hazardous Material Treatment (dioxin / PCB / chlorinated compound / mercury)


Water Treatment (drinking / ground / waste)


Plasma Assisted Combustion


Fuel Reforming & Energy-Related Applications


Plasma medicine, Biology and Bio-decontamination

Important Dates


First announcement                           

29th July 2011


Second announcement                      10th October 2011


Final announcement                          1st December 2011


Abstract deadline                                16th January 2012


Acceptance of abstracts                      15th February 2012
6Opening of the registration
12th March 2012


Full paper submission deadline        15th May 2012


Symposium25th-29th June 2012

Full Paper Submission

After acceptance of the abstracts, authors are invited to submit a 6 page full paper. The full papers will be in electronic format.

You can download the full paper template here.

Submit your full paper by e-mail: local organizing committee

The full paper submission deadline is 15th May 2012.


  •     Academic: 280€ (250€)
  •     Students and retirees: 200€ (180€)
  •     Industry: 360€ (300€)

Values in () are for authors, session organizers, and sponsor organizations.

Accompanying Persons: 120€ for welcome dinner + excursion + gala dinner

The registration fee includes:

  • a booklet of abstracts and a flash drive containing the full papers
  • the welcome dinner
  • the excursion & gala dinner
  • shuttles to/from airport
  • coffee breaks

Note that all lunches and dinners except the welcome and gala dinners will be left to the charge of the participants.

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Conference Site and Accommodation

  • Camaret-sur-Mer is a small fishing village at the westernmost tip of Brittany, France. The locale is appropriately called Finistère: end of the earth. The Crozon peninsula, where Camaret is situated, geologically looks like a sandstone anchor thrust into the sea. The village itself used to be a very active fishing port (langouste and lobster). Today, Camaret has become a pleasant tourist resort. The village itself is small (although it would take a while to visit all its restaurants), but the peninsula offers a beautiful variety of sights - rugged granite on its southern shores, greenery in the north, and villages which each have their own character and atmosphere. More information:

Local Organizing Committee

E. Odic, Département Electrotechniques et Systèmes d’Energie - SUPELEC
M.J. Kirkpatrick, Département Electrotechniques et Systèmes d’Energie – SUPELEC
Ph. Dessante, Département Electrotechniques et Systèmes d’Energie – SUPELEC
Ph. Testé, Laboratoire de Génie Electrique de Paris- SUPELEC
F. Protat, Département Electrotechniques et Systèmes d’Energie – SUPELEC
S. Limam, Département Electrotechniques et Systèmes d’Energie – SUPELEC
R. Landfried, Laboratoire de Génie Electrique de Paris- SUPELEC
K. Almaksour, Laboratoire de Génie Electrique de Paris- SUPELEC

International Scientific Committee

Chang M. B. (Taiwan)
Debacher N. (Brasil)
Fridman A. (USA)
Hammer T. (Germany)
Harvel G.D. (Canada)
Kim S. J. (Korea)
Locke B. R. (USA)
Mizeraczyk J. (Poland)
Mizuno A. (Japan)
Oda T. (Japan)
Touchard G. (France)
Urashima K. (Japan/Canada)
Zhang T. (PR China)

International Advisory Committee

Berta I. (Hungary)
Biswajit R. (India)
Boxman A. (Israel)
Ferreira J.L. (Brazil)
He Z. (PR China)
Hoard J. (USA)
Leys C. (Belgium)
Moon J.D. (Korea)
Pietsch G. (Germany)
Rea M. (Italy)
Rosocha L. (USA)
Sato M. (Japan)
Teich T. (Switzerland)
Whitehead C. (UK)
Yamamoto T. (Japan)
Yasuoka K. (Japan)
Zhu T. (PR China)

Further Information

Further details will be announced in the  final call for papers. For more detailed information, please contact the local organizing committee.

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