One Institution on a Three-Campus Network

A century-old institution, located in France in the Paris region at Gif-sur-Yvette since 1975, in Brittany at Rennes since 1972, and in Lorraine at Metz since 1985, Supélec is a three-campus institution organized as a network. This organization is a pedagogical model for teamwork from each respective site. The campuses make permanent use of the national network of learning, the Renater, and the Internet.

Each campus is located in a high level technological environment; in the heart of the industrial parks of l'Ile de Science, Metz 2000 and Rennes Atalante where research centers, institutions of higher education and high-tech business are grouped.

In addition, the policy of Supélec has been to develop international programs through cooperative agreements of cooperation with universities, located for the most part in Europe, the United States and Japan. Founded in 1894 to meet the demands of a budding industry, Sup élec today has grown into a real enterprise employing 1,500 people (staff, faculty, research personnel and engineering students), constantly adapting to the ever-changing scientific and economic landscape in order to fulfill its mission of offering high quality education and research. Within this perspective, Supélec has developed a solid network of partnerships, both nationally and internationally, with industry and research laboratories and with its counterparts in institutions of higher education. A sense of professionalism, open-mindedness, enthusiasm and team spirit, rigorously structured reasoning, all in a communicative atmosphere, reflect the quality of the relations that engineering students, faculty and research personnel wish to develop between themselves and with their partners.

Last update : 15/07/2009