IT resources

This page introduces : the Internet Network, Hardware and Software, Laptops, the Intranet , the Student Portal and the Network Organisation

The Internet Network

Using the Internet to communicate or to research information represents an indispensable tool for both our staff and our students. Each Campus has a permanent link of several Mbits/s for its own premises and for the nearby University residence.

Hardware and Software

The School offers its students and teachers many rooms equipped with PCs under Windows and Linux. When the rooms aren’t being used for directed studies or tutorials, they are freely accessible


At the beginning of the school year, students may acquire a laptop at exceptional rates negotiated by the School; quite useful for learning the trade of an Engineer. Students may choose among different operating systems. They will also be provided with applications suites, development tools, standard communication tools, together with formal calculus and simulation software. The student will be able to plug into a network, either directly from his room equipped with an outlet, or from any other place within the School using the Wi-Fi radio network.

The Intranet

In addition to e-mails that rapidly inform students about news concerning their school life or associative life, documentary databases give information about class schedules, course supplements, exam archives, practical training offers from industrial partners, etc. Intranet forums offering various functionality complete this system: discussions where an answer given to a student’s question is immediately available to everybody, whatever their campus. Documents may thus be shared where only the updated version of a work document is available as a reference.

Students' Portal

The students' portal allow each student to check his notes, to register to languages and sports elective courses, to submit a practical training offer to the approval of his study Manager, to choice his third-year specialism and to subscribe to various activities.

A Network Organisation

The Network Organisation of the three campuses and the use of modern technologies (internet, intranet, video-conferences...) make it possible to set up distance studies programmes together with inter-campus projects on which students from Gif, Metz, and Rennes can work together, thus providing first-hand experience of remote co-operation.

Last update : 15/07/2009