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Endowed with a Library / Documentation Centre on each of its three campuses, Supélec boasts a collection of some 30,000 books and more than 400 journals. The library centralises collections of courses, all phd theses completed in Supélec and at various universities, annals, standards and reference works, together with multimedia documents, such as cassettes, cdroms or videos. The Gif Library maintains on historical archives, such as, among others, precious documents concerning the development of Electricity and Communications from the turn of the century onwards.

This collection covers all the major fields of scientific, technical, economic, and cultural knowledge. It is particularly well-endowed in the School’s traditional academic disciplines: Computer Science, Automation, Telecommunications, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Energy... The Social Sciences are also well represented, as one would expect in the library of a School of higher learning.

Each of the three libraries has an online catalogue which covers the holding in the physical library and can be check via internet or intranet connection. Other Electronic Resources are locally available.

On-line settings of the libraries allow access to outside data-bases such as INSPEC (IEE), INPI, EINS, les Techniques de l'ingénieur, Kompass and to some of Research Laboratories or other high school.

The three libraries have a reserved area dedicated to the Supelec’s Industrial Partners ("PERCI") where students may find information about enterprises having established privileged links with the School, as well as information concerning job offers or in-house practical training opportunities.

In addition to the student-engineers, Master or DEA students, other users include the School’s teachers-researchers, researchers from partner laboratories, PhD’s students, trainees from professional development programmes, and many others from outside the School, researchers or students from other institutions, alumni...

Our libraries have established a true documentary partnership with external institutions such as Paris XI University and the other scientific institutions on the Saclay Plateau, the University of Rennes I and the University of Metz. This partnership allows for interesting and various types of exchanges for the documentary holdings.

In order to enlarge again the collection, Supélec joined Couperin in 2002, the famous "Consortium Universitaire de Périodiques Numériques". Supélec is also in contact with ABES for the resource registration in Sudoc (Système Universitaire de Documentation).

The internal lending between the three libraries : PEB (Prêt Entre Bibliothèques) is highly practiced to enrich the internal catalog and to develop the school offer.

Training sessions in documentation resources are organized for the newcomers in order to better serve the multiple users.
Last update : 15/07/2009