Sport and Student Associations


In addition to the sports activities proposed as optional activities within the framework of the regular degree course, Supélec Sports Association (Association Sportive de Supélec), managed by the students, offers club activities with membership through an annual fee.

This association is a member of the French Federation of University Sports (Fédération Française du Sport Universitaire - F.F.Sport.U.). Training takes place outside the school schedule, generally in the evening or during the lunch break, on or near the school premises. Competitive sports take place on Thursday afternoons.

Thus, you may practice one or several sports on an on-going, high-level basis, over one or several years. About twenty different activities are offered by the Sports Association, which has the School’s premises and specialised instructors at its disposal.

An active associative life

Organised entirely by students, the associative life is rich and diversified. It is an excellent integration factor for all those participating.

Through the responsibilities it implies, as well as the extra-curricular experiences it provides, it is a source of personal development and promotes interest in collective action. Each student will be able to find an activity that will let him/her express his/her talents: cultural, sports, social, entrepreneurial…

On each of the campuses, the Student Council, elected each year, plays an important role in animating and co-ordinating these activities, and at the same time represents the student body with the School’s Board of Directors and external partners.


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