Anciens de SONDRA

Emilie BRONNER "Improvements of HF surface wave radars perfomance by compact antenna study and adaptative filtering used to reduced sea clutter" 2005

Huy NGUYEN " Characterization of a forest by a coherent 3-D model in the VHF - UHF bands and application to SAR imaging "  2005

Chia DARWIN "Lightning return stroke current from  a new distributed circuit model and electromagnetic fields generated by tortuous lightning channels" 2006

Youmni ZIADE "Contribution to the study of the propagation in forest medium in VHF-UHF frequency bands : application of method D.O.R.T. to the detection of targets" 2006

Hocine BELKACEMI "Subspace approaches for space-time adaptive processing in monostatic/bistatic airborne radar" 2006

Remy  DURAND "SAR Processor based on a CFAR Signal or Interference Subspace Detector Matched to Man
Made Target Detection in a Forest" 2007

François CHAUVET " Réseau d'antenne conforme, phasé, large bande et bipolarisé pour applications radar UHF sur dirigeable." 2008

Anthony BOURGES  " Faisabilité d’un radar à ondes de surface sur bouées - Problématique de la déformation du réseau d’antennes et réalisation d’une bouée " 2008

Yaël DEMARTY  "Modélisation cohérente de la diffusion électromagnétique par des surfaces de mer tridimensionnelles en incidence rasante. Application aux radars HF à ondes de surface." 2008

Rami KASSAB  " Design of LPI waveforms for monostatic radar " 2009

Philippe RIES "Space time adaptive processing for conformal antenna array in bistatic airborne radar" 2009

Karim LOUERTANI  " Conception d'antennes spirales large bande à alimentation coplanaire pour des applications radar sur dirigeable " 2010

Frédéric BRIGUI  "New SAR Algorithm Based on Orthogonal Projections for MMT Detection and Interference Reduction" 2010

Jacques EL KHOURY  " Sea-Echo Doppler-Spectrum Simulator for Floating HFSWR – Application to the assessment of new antenna configurations for improved HFSWR resolution " 2011

Chin Yuan CHONG  "Signal processing for MIMO radars: detection under Gaussian and non-Gaussian environments and application to STAP" 2011

Danny TAN  "Signal processing for airborne passive radar: interference suppression and STAP techniques for transmissions of opportunity" 2012

Mélanie MAHOT  " Estimation Robuste de la Matrice de Covariance en Traitement du Signal" 2012

Israël HINOSTROZA  " Design of wideband arrays of spiral antennas" 2013

Pierre FORMONT  "Classification polarimétrique dans les images SAR hautement texturées" 2013

Maxime BOIZARD  " Développement et études de performances de nouveaux détecteurs/filtres rang faible dans des configurations RADAR multidimensionnelles " 2013

Jonathan PISANE  " Automatic target recognition using passive bistatic radar signals " 2013

Ray FANG  “Dual polarization switchable spiral antenna” 2014

Mathieu CATTENOZ " MIMO Radar Processing Methods for Anticipating and Preventing Real World Imperfections " 2014

Jérôme EUZIERE  " Multifunction array for radar applications" 2014

Azza MOKADEM  "Analysis of scattering by urban areas in the frame of NLOS target detection in SAR images" 2014

Joana FRONTERA PONS  " Robust target detection for Hyperspectral Imaging " 2014

Jorge PRENDES  " New statistical modeling of multi-sensor images with application to change detection " 2015

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